About Us


SPYN Financial Services Private Limited (SPYN) registered at Hyderabad in 2007 provides wide ranging financial and management services. SPYN has professionals with over 3 decades experience in banks and financial institutions as well as chartered accountants having strong corporate and institutional relationships.


Our Mission


To ensure a win-win situation for clients and all other stake holders by providing professional advice and services.


What We Can Do For You

  • We provide end to end financial advisory services to clients for raising equity ( private / public ) / debt (long term and short term), and also for restructuring, mergers, acquisitions etc.,
  • Advice on strategic issues, tax matters, project preparation, appraisal and implementation, dealings with Banks and other Financial Institutions etc.,
  • Advice on debt restructuring and debt settlements.
  • Advice on financial and social inclusion by way of Microfinance and corporate social responsibility.
  • Handholding and escort services for setting up companies, recruitment and other matters pertaining to setting up of industrial enterprises.
  • Certifications and Insurance.
  • Advice on training/human resources development and corporate cultural transition.


How Do We Do It

SPYN has five divisions dealing with following :

I.Corporates and Firms :

  1. Large
  2. Medium
  3. Small

II.Expatriates :

  1. Financial Advisory services
  2. End to End solutions for setting up projects
  3. Insurance/Tax/Law and other advisory services

III. Tax audit, Stock Audit, Techno-economic viability studies/ Certification and Insurance Services.

IV. Financial and Social inclusion – Microfinance and Corporate Social responsibility.

V. Training/Human Resources development,corporate cultural transition.


Our Empannelments


1.We are empanelled for Techno Economic Viability (TEV) Study with State Bank of Hyderabad.

2.We are empanelled for Diligence Study with Asset Reconstruction Company (India) Limited (ARCIL), Mumbai.